Mielahis ♥♥♥ Vile

Hi folks, did you already miss me?
I have another post of great importance here- more fine art! That is an image of me.
The awesome image was made by my all time favourite ringwraith Vile:
the burning fiend - crop out
Just follow the cut to see me in all glory!

Vile took a photograph of me made this awesome photomanipulation, to show me in all my fiendish glory. So if anybody was wondering what I really look like- this is me:

Mielahis in the desert

Thank you so much, Vile, I will save a muffin for you everyday of my life, now. ==^==^==

(If anybody feels the need to worship me now, you can ask Ailanreanter where to send your tokens of admiration- I prefer meatbones and chocolate muffins, though.)