>A little bit of everything

>Today the weather is terriffic and I took a little stroll actoss town, as I needed absolutely necessary things (*g*) anyway. (I got home with pills against too much gastric acid, sanding paper, leather pieces for fiddlings and two little pots of special paint and a folding paper-star for upcoming seasonal decorations) We have crisp air but it is sunny, the trees still have some marvellous colour and so that walk was really nice. I started out painfree (foot) and got along without pain 90% of the way. Only on cobblestones, the foot was not ok. This is really good. I have great hopes that with the help of the shoe-inlays that I ordered, I will soon be able again to walk a little further. And then I will go see the outer range of the Boberger Dünen where one walks on a solid asphalt track and see how that goes. I doubt I will be able to walk far, as I need to take the way to the station into my calculation, but I really miss that place.

After that little outing, I was really busy and gave my balcony a last cleaning before the winter, as it turned out, that was very necessary, LOL!!
I was even rewarded optically for doing so, as I found this beautiful arrangement:
leaf with water droplets
(How typical that my digital camera’s batteries deserted me here and I had to use my cellphone’s inferior camera…)

This is the paper-star with and without lights:
star with light on

star with light out

detail of pattern

Thanks to Benni, who gave to me his old screen, my computer place now looks like this:
open computer closet

detail of computer closet with screen
And I am no longer in a terrible hurry to replace my old screen which I could now retire before it would have exploded, LOL!!