>Der Hamster ist verrecket

>(The hamster has died) or: Medieval Fair at the castle in Bergedorf 2010

View across the water:
The Castle of Bergedorf

The castlegarden was flowering like mad:
flowers in the castlegarden

Gotta love the medics- like this, they really fit in:

Plush- Morning Stars! Waaant!
Morning Stars

Varirus Coloribus playing:
Varirus Coloribus

Varirus Coloribus
Is it just me or do those Medieval groups all look the same? Anyhow, right in the middle of their show, the power supply broke down (= der Hamster ist verrecket) and they had to play on unplugged. I found this pretty disappointing that power was even needed to play on such a small event- those instruments are so loud all by themselves, they should have done without amplifiers from the start…

Equites – a group from Prague, displaying weapon play:





The smithy:
mobile smithy

Good bye fairground- two fighters watching the medical tent:
watching the medics

Two pendants I found (not in original size):
Calcit Stern

red droplet