>Ewwww, it’s huuuge! How gross!

>…This quote comes from the vermin exterminator who I had to call at work today, because each morning, my colleagues from the logistics are overrun by wasps. They hang on the windows as clots and crawl everywhere. Of course some manage to get in, too and one of the ladies up there is deadly allergic to wasps and sits there with an antidote shot right next to her… o.O
Of course, when the exterminator guys finally showed up, the wasps weren’t home. And apparently we don’t have a nest under the roof- the guys crawled around on it, banging suspect corners with a broomstick (I wonder what they would have done if an angry hoarde had come out at that…) No nest. They closed several venting slits where they found suspicious activity but no nest. (I assume the nest is rather more likely on the grounds of our messy-neighbour. He offers so many wonderful opportunities to stick a nest to.)
When they crawled out onto the roof, my colleague Benni called after them if they could already spot a thing- the answer that came was that they just saw a huuuge spider that was very gross. LOL!! And that came from vermin exterminators?! Good that they didn’t ask any of us to remove it for them… *snickers*