>Sometimes solutions can be easy…

>…I never really believed in those waterfilters that are supposed to make water from the faucet „pure“ and heighten its taste and that of the drinks and food made with such water.
Until lately, a colleague at work let me drink a glass of filtered water and it was good! The water at work has a very odd taste normally- I suppose it is because it is an old house with old waterpipes- not even letting the water run for a while did change this.
The filtered water tasted neutral! I was impressed.

This occasion I remembered today, when standing in the mineral water section of the shop and finding that the water I use to drink was out of stock again. This happens a lot of late. Grumbling I loaded a pack of another brand into my cart. That one is drinkable, but it does taste differently.
On the way to the tills, I suddenly remembered that filter incident and veered off to the household stuff section. And there I spontaneous picked up one waterfilter and took it home with the rest of my shoppings.
Here I was curiously assembling it and then made the required testruns of water through the filter.
When everything was done and I could taste the water for the first time, I was impressed- all the metallic tang and the chalkiness was gone. ==^===^== (Especially the chalky stuff is annoying, my water here leaves white traces in the glass often, when untreated)
Hee, now that will save me a lot of bottle-carrying in summer, because I needn’t buy that much water now, when I can finally drink tap-water, too.

Here is the filter I got:
http://www.brita.net/de/jugs.html?&L=5 Mine is called „Marella“.