>What am I doing here, then?

>So…as stated here http://ailanreanter.livejournal.com/122205.html, I’ve finally had enough of LJ deteriorating to a commercial place like all the others that’s full of ads.
She says and goes to Google, LOL!! But here at least I have still the choice if I post ads or not. I choose not to, of course. Layoutwise I have free hand here, if I understand the stylesheet I can do anything to my account, no design limits. Will look into that.
I don’t know what it is about ads, but they piss me off like nothing else, especially if they are for a topic that is not even part of the website content. (I.e. a page about horses getting ads for tack shops and feed supply won’t annoy me as much as a site about reading where there is suddenly a lot of ads for fashion clothes). But enough of that, that’s just to explain.

Today I woke up much too early (so my body told me) after sleeping not so good and was immediately blinded by the morning sun. Don’t get me wrong, I like sunny mornings, but stepping out of your little snoozecorner into a blinding ray of sun, just because you were too stupid to close the blinds the night before- that makes me very much understand that funny „aargh, take it away“ gesture that a movie-vampire makes, LOL!!
Then I found that my spider is violating our agreement. *sigh* I gave her an deadline to return to her corner until tomorrow evening. (This little spider (of the gangly, fragile kind) moved in here a few days after me. She only survived me finding it because it would have been too much work and moving furniture to get at her back then. Then when I was just about to set out for spiderhunt, I saw her catch and eat the mosquito that had driven me insane the night before. Following a code of honour I grudgingly allowed her to stay- as long as she lived only in that corner where I can see her and ate all flying nasties. So far she has, but since it is getting colder and I have flynets in every window, there isn’t much spiderfood left. And this morning I caught her wandering merrily across the ceiling…) Stupid me will have a bad conscience when going after her- I should have never let her live here so long – it may sound funny, but I am kinda used to her now… To a spider.. LOL!!
Day continued nicely with finishing Vile’s big parcel and seeing it to the post office, but the reminder that it is weird Saturday was lurking around the corner still… When I washed my hair before I went to see my parents, I overlooked that fact that the showercurtain was not fully touching the wall and surprised myself with giving a part of the bathroom a gratitous shower.. aarrgh!! I nearly missed the bus because of it, since I had to mop up all the water…
Gee…so far that has been all for today- if you don’t count me tripping over a bookpile while carrying a heap of laundry-stuff…
What a weird day, but as I said, it is looking up and now I am safely at my computer, writing, theoretically not much can go wrong…Hopefully.*crosses fingers, just in case*