>Petition against the FEI – "Progressive List"

>I signed the petition today, I was too late for the „No-Rollkur-List“, but this one I found in time.

The so called „progressive list“ would make it legal to ride an injured or otherwise not fit horse in competition under the use of painkillers.
The wellfare of the horses would be worth absolutely nothing like this.(They are already on a good way to it anyway…)
You can read about it, and sign, here: www.no-fei.com

People really need to get the „dollar-signs“ out of their eyes and remember that their sport involves a living being that gives its very best for them daily. And how do they reward it? Very badly.
So here is the chance to raise your voice together with people all over the world. May the ears of Princess Haya and her „experts“ ring…