>Creative potting *g*

>My plants are lucky that they came to a household of someone who likes to create stuff from nearly everything at hand.
Two of my orchids were in need ASAP of new small pots, but I did only have standard sized ones. What to do? Search the household for raw material. And lo:

One pot made from the lower part of a small plastic Cola-bottle (sawed off and added airholes in underside with my trusty dremel – might need some more at the side)
Mini Phal. in new pot

One pot made by sawing a plastic „glass“ right through, also adding airholes and protecting the slightly sharp and ragged rim with tape.
Phal. in intensive care

The latter plant could need some helping thoughts, too. It is in a very bad shape.
Today unearthed once more due to stability issues in pot-construction. Rotting has not yet stopped, more root-material had to be removed. There are some newer wholesome root-stumps growing, but I do not know if they are on time still, so to speak. I fear the prognosis goes down… *pats the pot and tries to cheer up the plant*

In the meantime, two other orchids snuck their way into my heart and onto my windowsill:
This patterned Phalaenopsis Philadelphia
unknown Phalaenopsis

unknown Phalaenopsis

and this miniature(?) Hybrid Sogo Gotris (which will probably reach normal size)
Sogo Gotris

Sogo Gotris

And I made the stem of a new subsection of my website. A place to babble on about my greenery.*g* The Ivorytower’s Garden