>I want an award of bravery, LOL!!

>Why? Last night I had the charming pleasure to find a 1:100 scale model of the spaceships that the „Shadows“ in Babylon 5 used on my wall… Spaceship looks like this (click)
But honest, a five centimeter spider at half past one? Eeeew!!

Sure was but one thing- no way was I going to sleep with it one room!
After considering the options, I decided on the vaccuum cleaner and hurried to fetch it before the spider could sneak off. Then after finding enough room for a quick jump from my chair if necessary, I readied my trusty vaccuum cleaner and gone was the ugly critter. (Since I am paranoid, I let the vaccuum cleaner run quite a while, neighbours or not and then closed the tube with adhesive tape before putting it away. Today I was house cleaning, so there is no return after the added amount of debris in there, now, I hope.)
And then I checked under my bed for more spiders, LOL!! And only then I went back to sleep…

On a nicer note- these are the two nice flowers that I recently bought, they have such a great colour!
plants on the windowsill