Eine Frage der Perspektive

Uuaahh, es regnet Riesenspinnen?! o.O

Neee…weder riesig noch fällt sie vom Himmel. Eine junge Kreuzspinne hat ein ziemlich großes Netz an meiner Hortensie befestigt.

Und wenn man genau hinguckt, hat das Netz hinter ihr eine Laufmasche! *g*

Und überhaupt ist das ziemlich schlampig gesponnen- nicht das ich das besser könnte, aber die perfekte Symmetrie die man Spinnennetzen immer zuschreibt hat dieses nicht. Spinnen sind eben auch nur Menschen. *g* Ziemlich ironisch, allerdings, ich kann ja selber auch keine geraden Linien handarbeiten – natürlich kriege ich dann auch die passende Spinne.

It’s all a question of perspective!
Uuaahh, it’s raining giant spiders?! o.O
Nope, a young European garden spider (called „Kreuzspinne“ in German for its more or less obvious „cross“ pattern on the back) has attached quite the net to my hydrangea. If you look closely, you can see a webbing flaw right behind her. And where is that often called upon perfect symmetry of the spiderweb? Not here, definitely… Spiders are only human, too, it seems. And very fitting in an ironic sort of way- I can’t manage a straight line sewing or knitting either, so it is most consequent that I get a spider that is bad at weaving, too. LOL!!

>I want an award of bravery, LOL!!

>Why? Last night I had the charming pleasure to find a 1:100 scale model of the spaceships that the „Shadows“ in Babylon 5 used on my wall… Spaceship looks like this (click)
But honest, a five centimeter spider at half past one? Eeeew!!

Sure was but one thing- no way was I going to sleep with it one room!
After considering the options, I decided on the vaccuum cleaner and hurried to fetch it before the spider could sneak off. Then after finding enough room for a quick jump from my chair if necessary, I readied my trusty vaccuum cleaner and gone was the ugly critter. (Since I am paranoid, I let the vaccuum cleaner run quite a while, neighbours or not and then closed the tube with adhesive tape before putting it away. Today I was house cleaning, so there is no return after the added amount of debris in there, now, I hope.)
And then I checked under my bed for more spiders, LOL!! And only then I went back to sleep…

On a nicer note- these are the two nice flowers that I recently bought, they have such a great colour!
plants on the windowsill