>Oooh yes!

>I am never so much a person for radioplay or even audiobooks (yes, I should be ashamed, concerning where I work, LOL!!) but I think I am going to make a big exception for this:
Drizzt Hoerspiel- photo of the box
A German Studio (klick) has turned adaptions of the Drizzt Do’Urden saga into radioplays and I have just listened to the first and I like what I hear.
It does not erase the images in your mind, instead it helps them return. And even if not all the voices match your orginal idea of them, none is so out of place that you are putt off by it.

How I found these? One of the narrators is new at our studio at work and when I googled him, this was coming up (amongst other things). Another of our current narrators is also reading and so I got curious. And it was worth it. I am looking forward to hear the other two. If they are as nice, I am going to get the rest bit by bit, too.
The coverart in the jewel cases is also very nice and reminding me of the Elric comics, concerning their style.