>A nice little trip to town

>…resulted in a nice deal and more plants. o.O Honest, I really get flooded with those now,LOL!!

Yesterday, I saved this plant at the shop where I get food, it did look not at the right place there…
It was identified as Zamioculcas zamiifolia a plant from Afrika which gets called „Zamie“ by its German owners thanks to the unspeakable name.
Für Mami – hier ist info zu der Pflanze: Zimmerpflanzenlexikon
It seems to be a tough one which lives in hostile surroundings orginally, so the only mistake one can make is too much water which is hardly going to happen. *cough*

And then today I trundled over the country fair after being at the post office and snuffled for some autumny decoration and did so also in the shops.
At Blume 2000 I looked at the autumn deko but was not convinced buying the tealights Mum mentioned, I have so many of these already. I found an Ivy there which I wanted originally for work, but now I like it so much that it will live in the kitchen for now. ^==^:;
At the till, I told the sales lady the story of the Chrysantemums, with the one I paid nothing for surviving and the other two dying on me. She laughed herself silly and then gave me this Chlorophytum (Grünlilie) for compensation, even if I had not asked for anything, I just wanted to share the story, LOL!!
And lo, suddenly two plants in one day.

On I trundled with my plants to snuffle at interior decoration shops. It turned out that one of them had a discount day today and so I got two very pretty window-tealight-holders for the price of one. (Piccies does not do justice)

And this little windmill, I got when paying, too:

What a nice outing this was! ==^==^== Now I have no light places left for indoor plants, so no worries I could vanish in a jungle in here.