The more sun they get, the more growing takes place amongst the plants.
Indoors, the Miltoniopsis really managed to open all blossoms, hooray!

And outdoors, I have a new lavender:

And my little Apple-tree starts to grow, whee!!
I got it for my birthday from my parents and it looked like this, when it arrived:
Just a stick in a pot (here pictured with protection against the cold nights).

Now the „stick“ has proven that there is life in it:


>New substrate…

>…hopefully on time, theirs was totally inappropriate and the smaller one had already two rotting roots. 🙁
Preparation for pot removal or: plants getting spoiled in hand-warm water:


I took no piccies of the actual removal and the nekkid roots (even if this was interesting) because my hands (with gloves) were too gooey to touch the camera.

And here they are, back in their pots and hopefully not cross with me:


Now I really want to get to my Dendobrium, too, but that one can’t be moved while being in bloom…hope it makes it until it is done blossoming.

>The wonderful world of orchids and some links

>With delight I am noticing that one can apparently spend as much time and money on orchids as one can on Bonsai trees, LOL!! Both have tons of more or less necessary „accessory“ to buy. No worries, I do not plan to, I will just look for a nice little book and I already fell for orchid-clips. This looks much better than the black tape that held them up before:
And see, on the second „branch“, the first flower is going to open now. *excited*

I have added more links to the blog, too, see to the left in the menue. Kinda the essentials to help my plants survive with me and to make my life happier. *g*

>Indoor plants for a change

>This one, whom I got from morgulz years back, fondly named „the alien“, is now making plans to get away:

Because of the new flowers I found today, one of the old had to move- since it was never overly fond of too much light, I am sure it will not mind. And Monster creates humid air just below, so it might benefit from that, too:

And these are the new ones, orchids! (Better pictures follow on a brighter day)
I found two that were
a) not magenta, pink or any other blinding colour
b) are suitable for beginner’s hands (actually their „how to“ says they need less attention than my other plants demand of me. Probably Mum is right, she says that I am spoiling my plants. *g*)
c) their demands of room temperature and humidity resemble my own

The large one, called „Dancing Flora“, is a „Dendrobium Compactum“

The small one is called „Table Dance Orchid“ and seems to be from the „Phalaenopsis“ family. It is newly bred variation, you can read some about them here: NEON Orchids

I wanted just one, but I could not decide… ^-^

I adore those small, delicate and elegant blossoms that they sport. Their little signs say they bloom up to three months, then you cut the stem and wait for the next.
Now I just hope that they will prove hardier than the other blooming plants that I had indoors before. *looks skyward* On the other hand, my other plants have trained me well in the meantime, I usually notice if they want something.

>Winter is coming

>Now, no worries, we are not snowed in or anything. But the nights are nearing frost in temperature and it is time to prepare the balcony plants for winter, so that they make it safe into next year.
So today, they got their last big fill of water, from now on, they are kinda on diet, LOL!! Also today I went and bought new jute sacks to bundle them up in like I did the years before- this will be done tomorrow, then.
The hydrangea had to be moved, because a) her table is not frost resistant and had to be taken in and b) the place in the livingroom window she has now is warmer than the corner she inhabited before.
hydrangea wintering
(She should not get any larger, or she won’t fit anymore… o.O)

Moving the plant and the table resulted in nice autumn-wintery re-decorations indoors, too.
The other windowsill got the lantern back:
other window

And the table of the hydrangea was scrubbed clean and can now serve a very decorative purpose in the corner behind the door. During the heating period, the door is mostly closed, so what’s behind it is visible. And so I thought I could make the corner pretty.
doot corner
(No worries, that plant is fake)

Where I bought the jute sacks, I found this pretty light, too and really could not resist at all:
tealightholder new out

new tealight holder

>A nice little trip to town

>…resulted in a nice deal and more plants. o.O Honest, I really get flooded with those now,LOL!!

Yesterday, I saved this plant at the shop where I get food, it did look not at the right place there…
It was identified as Zamioculcas zamiifolia a plant from Afrika which gets called „Zamie“ by its German owners thanks to the unspeakable name.
Für Mami – hier ist info zu der Pflanze: Zimmerpflanzenlexikon
It seems to be a tough one which lives in hostile surroundings orginally, so the only mistake one can make is too much water which is hardly going to happen. *cough*

And then today I trundled over the country fair after being at the post office and snuffled for some autumny decoration and did so also in the shops.
At Blume 2000 I looked at the autumn deko but was not convinced buying the tealights Mum mentioned, I have so many of these already. I found an Ivy there which I wanted originally for work, but now I like it so much that it will live in the kitchen for now. ^==^:;
At the till, I told the sales lady the story of the Chrysantemums, with the one I paid nothing for surviving and the other two dying on me. She laughed herself silly and then gave me this Chlorophytum (Grünlilie) for compensation, even if I had not asked for anything, I just wanted to share the story, LOL!!
And lo, suddenly two plants in one day.

On I trundled with my plants to snuffle at interior decoration shops. It turned out that one of them had a discount day today and so I got two very pretty window-tealight-holders for the price of one. (Piccies does not do justice)

And this little windmill, I got when paying, too:

What a nice outing this was! ==^==^== Now I have no light places left for indoor plants, so no worries I could vanish in a jungle in here.

>Plants, mostly indoors

>…for a change.

A new pot for this one:
new pot
(Please ignore the cobweb, I had not seen those before the pic, now it’s removed. Seems like I need to take photographs of all corners regularily, LOL!!)

The crown of thorns has outgrown its pot-size so fast that it already needed the next size now (which will have to last it longer now). I had no decorative pot in that size to fit, so I had to steal the outdoor pot from my dalia to give it anything to sit in. Will be looking for something more fitting.
huge pot

All that pot-rotation gave my little Money Plant a very stylish new home:
noble pot

New plant in the kitchen- yes it is the same species as the alien on the closet- this is what these look like if they grow up more ideal than mine.
new kitchen plant

Not a new plant, but ever so pretty and red- and the water looked nice on it, too:
red rainy flower

Plant, too, kinda sorta- super huge potatoes!
biiig dinner