>Indoor plants for a change

>This one, whom I got from morgulz years back, fondly named „the alien“, is now making plans to get away:

Because of the new flowers I found today, one of the old had to move- since it was never overly fond of too much light, I am sure it will not mind. And Monster creates humid air just below, so it might benefit from that, too:

And these are the new ones, orchids! (Better pictures follow on a brighter day)
I found two that were
a) not magenta, pink or any other blinding colour
b) are suitable for beginner’s hands (actually their „how to“ says they need less attention than my other plants demand of me. Probably Mum is right, she says that I am spoiling my plants. *g*)
c) their demands of room temperature and humidity resemble my own

The large one, called „Dancing Flora“, is a „Dendrobium Compactum“

The small one is called „Table Dance Orchid“ and seems to be from the „Phalaenopsis“ family. It is newly bred variation, you can read some about them here: NEON Orchids

I wanted just one, but I could not decide… ^-^

I adore those small, delicate and elegant blossoms that they sport. Their little signs say they bloom up to three months, then you cut the stem and wait for the next.
Now I just hope that they will prove hardier than the other blooming plants that I had indoors before. *looks skyward* On the other hand, my other plants have trained me well in the meantime, I usually notice if they want something.