>Plants, mostly indoors

>…for a change.

A new pot for this one:
new pot
(Please ignore the cobweb, I had not seen those before the pic, now it’s removed. Seems like I need to take photographs of all corners regularily, LOL!!)

The crown of thorns has outgrown its pot-size so fast that it already needed the next size now (which will have to last it longer now). I had no decorative pot in that size to fit, so I had to steal the outdoor pot from my dalia to give it anything to sit in. Will be looking for something more fitting.
huge pot

All that pot-rotation gave my little Money Plant a very stylish new home:
noble pot

New plant in the kitchen- yes it is the same species as the alien on the closet- this is what these look like if they grow up more ideal than mine.
new kitchen plant

Not a new plant, but ever so pretty and red- and the water looked nice on it, too:
red rainy flower

Plant, too, kinda sorta- super huge potatoes!
biiig dinner