Grünzeug und Sterne

Neulich habe ich zufällig entdeckt, dass an meinem Croton (Wunderbaum) was wächst- die Pflanze blüht!
Croton Rispen

Croton Rispen

Croton Rispen

Croton Blüten

Croton Blüten

Und in dieser Ecke fehlte definitiv noch was- nach etwas Suchen habe ich auch gefunden, was noch dorthin sollte:
Stern an der Wand

English Version:
A while ago, I noticed that my Croton was growing something unusual- it has begun to bloom! You can see the results above.
And for the corner opposite the door, there defintely was something missing, so I dug around in my chest of drawers until I found it. *g*

Morgens, halb zehn in Deutschland…

…nee, es gab keinen Süßigkeiten.
Um halb zehn war es heute morgen schon beindruckende 28C im Schatten warm:
Neues Außenthermometer zeigt 28C

Wie versprochen hier der fertige Seestern:
Fertiges Fliesenbild zeigt einen großen Seestern und kleinere Muscheln im Sand

Meine Füße können jetzt im Partnerlook mit den neuen Gardinen rumlaufen, LOL!
Hausschuh in orange Tönen neben gleichfarbiger Gardine

Wenn ich mal groß bin, dann wuchere ich Dir hier alles zu!
Meine neue kleine Strahlenaralie (Grünpflanze) für die Küchenecke

Endlich nicht mehr so zeitlos:
kleine Standuhr aus Metall

English Summary:

Various new stuff to show off. Mark the partner look of my shoes and curtains, LOL!!

Ich lebe auch noch…

…ich bin nur nicht dazu gekommen etwas zu schreiben.
Gestern habe ich von Mami zwei kreative Bildaufhänger bekommen- es sind dünne Metallseile an denen man mit starken Magneten Bilder oder Postkarten festmachen kann. Die habe ich natürlich gleichmal aufgehängt und habe nun angefangen, sie zu bestücken:


Und hier ist mein neuer kleiner Zimmerbrunnen in Betrieb (mit Ton hört man sogar ein bißchen vom Plätschern), die Standfläche für die Kugel muss zwar meiner Meinung nach noch etwas tiefer, aber das kriege ich auch noch zurecht gebastelt.
(Es folgt ein kurzes Video, ich hoffe das klappt und man kann es sehen)

English Summary:
Yes, I am still alive, I just did not have time to post something.
Yesterday I got two creative wallhangers from my Mum. They are thin lines made of metal and you can stick postcards or photos to them with tiny but strong magnets. Of course I had to try it at once and am currently at finding or making myself purry images to hang on them.
The little vid shows my new little indoor-fountain at work.

Nochmehr Frühling

Nun hab ichs doch gemacht- die Zweige sahen ohne Deko irgendwie so leer aus. *g*
Now I finally caved in and did get some decoration afterall…the twigs looked so empty without…


Außerdem konnte ich an diesen Laternen nicht vorbeigehen:
I couldn’t resist those cute little lanterns:

Ein Blick in meine „Dschungel-Ecke“- bei grauem Wetter vielleicht etwas trist:
A quick look into the jungle-corner, a little bit gray, but the weather is gray, too…

Und die Ludisia ist nun ganz offen
Ludisia discolor has opened up all flowers now:

>Home decoration

>To get rid of the soreness in my muscles (Tai Chi last evening *g*), I made an extended round through Bergedorf after I finished weekend shoppings. I found a few nice things to add purriness to my home.
First I have an older sight to show, I finally took a picture of my little starlights on the drawer in my snoozecorner:

Then during the week I found these adorable fake plants:
deco plants

So this is what my kitchenwindow is currently looking like:
kitchen window

Today I found a 100% transparent shower curtain, whee! (Into my shower falls not much light, the more light gets through the curtain, the better.) The curtain has goldfish and Zen-looking stones printed on, pretty neat:
showercurtain fishie

And when I looked into the flowershop just to ogle all the pretty springplants that would not survive with me indoors anyway, I overheard the sales-lady saying to a customer: „And here we have a Zombie plant in a glass, very stylish.“ This caught my immediate attention, LOL!! She repeated it several times, but she meant a „Zamie“ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia).
In one point she was right, though- it looked extremely good in a glass – so good that it was allowed to come home with me:
glassed zamie

And since I like symmetry, I got a glass for my resident Zamie (resident evil? LOL) as well and transferred it to it. Am now curious if it will like it in there. They look very good, though:
glassed zamies

>Winter is coming

>Now, no worries, we are not snowed in or anything. But the nights are nearing frost in temperature and it is time to prepare the balcony plants for winter, so that they make it safe into next year.
So today, they got their last big fill of water, from now on, they are kinda on diet, LOL!! Also today I went and bought new jute sacks to bundle them up in like I did the years before- this will be done tomorrow, then.
The hydrangea had to be moved, because a) her table is not frost resistant and had to be taken in and b) the place in the livingroom window she has now is warmer than the corner she inhabited before.
hydrangea wintering
(She should not get any larger, or she won’t fit anymore… o.O)

Moving the plant and the table resulted in nice autumn-wintery re-decorations indoors, too.
The other windowsill got the lantern back:
other window

And the table of the hydrangea was scrubbed clean and can now serve a very decorative purpose in the corner behind the door. During the heating period, the door is mostly closed, so what’s behind it is visible. And so I thought I could make the corner pretty.
doot corner
(No worries, that plant is fake)

Where I bought the jute sacks, I found this pretty light, too and really could not resist at all:
tealightholder new out

new tealight holder

>Flowers and lizards

>Today I got some replacements for my drowned marigolds.
Into the the flowerbox I sat three Chrysanthema which have all their blossoms closed, still, so piccies have to wait some. (Am curious how much longer the other marigolds will last, they start to look sorry also..)
And since my Cosmea also hated the wet weather, since it rapidly shriveled up, I found a lovely replacement for it today.
A dahlia, in original a bit more orange than pinkish as it looks on this picture:

Got a most lovely surprise pressie from my parents today:
I wonder if the butterfly is still there tomorrow morning. *g*

A closeup which still does not show all the pretty gleam on the scales:

This lovely lizard promptly inspired me to repaint one of my resin dragons, which was an uninspired blotchy silver all over before.
Here he is with first paintlayers, some detailings will follow- this little guy can also be wall mounted and will keep the lizard company in furture. (They’re almost the same size)
green dragon

>Season’s Greetings

>Time for more lovely and cosy Advent-piccies!
The first ones are by my parents who mailed those to me. 🙂

The Decoration normally in Dad’s working corner
seasonal glitterstuff

Mum can has stars, too:
Decorated bowl with lights

And then they have been evil- each year they have traditionally this basket to collect the wrapped pressies in- and you never know which are yours- or if any…*g*
basket full with pressies

Anyway, now today in my Advent the 3rd gift was this beautiful little tealight-holder:
burning book

The Swedes celebrate Lucia today – and so does my adorable paper Advent-calendar:

And I wish everybody a snug and comfy Advent Sunday:
3rd advent

>Summery post

>The petunia has given her last and was dying (drying up from the core while the ends were still blooming) so I waited until the last flowery abundance were gone before I replaced it with those two purry chrysanthemums:

A while ago, when hell and highwater came down, I took those piccies:
big shower
(On my balcony, there where the overflow from the roof comes down- the water stands there centimeters deep, if that happens)

And the reward after thunders and rainings.

And here some piccies of my new deco in my „reading corner“:
lampion fruit electric lights

lampion fruit electric lights

lantern with electric tealight