>Home decoration

>To get rid of the soreness in my muscles (Tai Chi last evening *g*), I made an extended round through Bergedorf after I finished weekend shoppings. I found a few nice things to add purriness to my home.
First I have an older sight to show, I finally took a picture of my little starlights on the drawer in my snoozecorner:

Then during the week I found these adorable fake plants:
deco plants

So this is what my kitchenwindow is currently looking like:
kitchen window

Today I found a 100% transparent shower curtain, whee! (Into my shower falls not much light, the more light gets through the curtain, the better.) The curtain has goldfish and Zen-looking stones printed on, pretty neat:
showercurtain fishie

And when I looked into the flowershop just to ogle all the pretty springplants that would not survive with me indoors anyway, I overheard the sales-lady saying to a customer: „And here we have a Zombie plant in a glass, very stylish.“ This caught my immediate attention, LOL!! She repeated it several times, but she meant a „Zamie“ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia).
In one point she was right, though- it looked extremely good in a glass – so good that it was allowed to come home with me:
glassed zamie

And since I like symmetry, I got a glass for my resident Zamie (resident evil? LOL) as well and transferred it to it. Am now curious if it will like it in there. They look very good, though:
glassed zamies

>New old door

>Yesterday, Mum and me were busy with getting the door of the small storage room in the kitchen back from the cellar, clean it and setting it back in. This is what it looked like when we were done:

new old door 1
And finally I can use my little blue wardrobe-hanger-thingy for something- in this case to hang my kitchen-towels on it.

View of the kitchen window on a sunny day- and the ivy which is assimilating the windowsill.
kitchen window

The ’sprinkleplant‘ makes a stalk:
What is that? An attempt to blossom or is it making an offshoot to spread itself?

>It’s been a while…

>…with lots to do and recovering from the flu I fell sick with over New Year. But I am still here and so it was definitely time to post something again.

Right now I call it a blessing that I live on this side of the corridor and on topmost floor…Why? Because the guy across the corridor seems to have some party, (there are at least ballons at his door) and on the corridor, or in my hallway you hear loud music and the neighing laughter of one his visitors as if you stand among them. I am extremely thankful that my other rooms are not affected, as badly sound insulated as they may be otherwise. So unless they take it out on the corridor tonight, sleeping should not be affected by their stupid music.

Today I got a snowdrop from Mum!

Potted Snowdrop

My kitchen windowsill (spring-y flowers in the middle are not real ones)
Kitchen window