>Flowers and lizards

>Today I got some replacements for my drowned marigolds.
Into the the flowerbox I sat three Chrysanthema which have all their blossoms closed, still, so piccies have to wait some. (Am curious how much longer the other marigolds will last, they start to look sorry also..)
And since my Cosmea also hated the wet weather, since it rapidly shriveled up, I found a lovely replacement for it today.
A dahlia, in original a bit more orange than pinkish as it looks on this picture:

Got a most lovely surprise pressie from my parents today:
I wonder if the butterfly is still there tomorrow morning. *g*

A closeup which still does not show all the pretty gleam on the scales:

This lovely lizard promptly inspired me to repaint one of my resin dragons, which was an uninspired blotchy silver all over before.
Here he is with first paintlayers, some detailings will follow- this little guy can also be wall mounted and will keep the lizard company in furture. (They’re almost the same size)
green dragon