>Wheeeeeee!!! New computer!

>Me gots a new computer and so far it has been nothing but great, am currently testing it, still.
And it has blue-lights, whee! ♥ ♥ ♥
new computer
Hmm, maybe I should take another piccie when it is dark- it will be more visible, then.
I think that for once, I am most eager to migrate onto this machine- I bet that I get all impatient when I hook up the old one again, later, to copy files… *g*

2 thoughts on “>Wheeeeeee!!! New computer!

  1. >Wooww! That looks cool! *envious*

    Win 7 looked great on the short time I had the computer in use so far. Am planning to switch to it completely this weekend.

    Hey, you have a blogger ID, did you come here, too, now? *goes to check*

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