I did it again!

>Snuffles is getting some company… *g* I must have a real addiction to that orange and black combination, wonder where that comes from?
Mielahis: #Orange and Black are beautiful!#
Um, yeah…*cough* The nightmare made me do it, LOL!!

Here is The Spook
Virtual Pet - The Spook
Actually, the pattern and colour are supposed to be based on a ladybug, but try tell that to a nightmare…
I did not really want to adopt it, as I had no idea what it would actually look like, but I never could resist Mielahis‘ begging and so here we are.
One happy nightmare, too, LOL!!
Mielahis loves the foal

(As usual, Spook will live in the sidebar and appear only in posts when he grows into the next stage)