>Spook has grown up

>LOL!! Of all the possible results, I got a „one point“ version, or maybe two, if the other side has one, too.
Spook grown up
Where the blue eyes come from does mystify me, though.

Here are the other possible outcomes:

Mielahis: #I still like him, the round spot looks kinda „Zen“ to me.#

Oh, and the other foal is actually going to be a unicorn. *ducks nightmares*

>Virtual critters – update

>Spook is now 24 days „old“ and still looking like this:
Spook, next stage
Am growing extremely curious about what he’ll look like „grown up“.

Maybe he’s waiting on his buddy? *g*
You shouldn’t keep equines alone, not even supernatural, virtual ones *g*, so he’s got a comrade who was available as a special so far unknown breed.

It is definitely making an appearance of the different kind already… Meet Firefly:

Spawned in a galaxy far, far away *g*:
Spook, next stage

Falling from the sky, maybe I should have named it „Falling Star“ or „Comet“ instead, LOL!!
Spook, next stage

Making quite the impact- even the dustcloud changed every day, here are two examples:
Spook, next stage

Spook, next stage

Starting to reveal itself to the Jedi um- audience:
Spook, next stage

Spook, next stage

Seems the landing was pretty rough, it looks weary!
Spook, next stage
Now Firefly is 10 days old.
So far it looks like the evil version of Regina Regenbogen’s (Rainbow Brite) horse, am curious how it will grow up.