>Nom, nom, nom…

>..no flowers, but food. And a weird little thing, LOL!!

Today I was at Ikea and being there around midday, I logically became hungry snuffled into the foodstore (as if I wouldn’t have anyway..). There I came across these innocent looking packages which they did not have before and the combination of gingerbread and orange sounded nice.
I have now tried them and count myself hopelessly addicted, Ikea is an evil place, LOL!! This is is the dangerously tasty stuff in question:
pfefferkuchen im sommer

Yeah and Firefly grew up and we are all kinda speachless – apparently Firefly as well, judging the way it seems to look shocked by itself, LOL!!
Such a pity, it started so cute as a foal…
Firefly grown up
I am sure though, that one can make this one pretty decent looking when mildening the colours some… Will draw he/she/it (am not decided)and do so…

>This plant is soo awesome!

>Everyday it grows larger and more gorgeous! I never had such a beautiful plant ever before:

View directly from above, when set on the floor for watering:

As for Firely- that one has now reached a juvenile state (not grown up) and all of us do hope for a last decent colour change, LOL!! Psychodelic Unicorn:
Firefly juvenile

Azâr:#White…# *growls*
Mielahis: *slightly awed*#…and…URPLE…#

>Virtual critters – update

>Spook is now 24 days „old“ and still looking like this:
Spook, next stage
Am growing extremely curious about what he’ll look like „grown up“.

Maybe he’s waiting on his buddy? *g*
You shouldn’t keep equines alone, not even supernatural, virtual ones *g*, so he’s got a comrade who was available as a special so far unknown breed.

It is definitely making an appearance of the different kind already… Meet Firefly:

Spawned in a galaxy far, far away *g*:
Spook, next stage

Falling from the sky, maybe I should have named it „Falling Star“ or „Comet“ instead, LOL!!
Spook, next stage

Making quite the impact- even the dustcloud changed every day, here are two examples:
Spook, next stage

Spook, next stage

Starting to reveal itself to the Jedi um- audience:
Spook, next stage

Spook, next stage

Seems the landing was pretty rough, it looks weary!
Spook, next stage
Now Firefly is 10 days old.
So far it looks like the evil version of Regina Regenbogen’s (Rainbow Brite) horse, am curious how it will grow up.