>Oh boy, what a day!

„Wheeeeeeee“ kinda sums it up!

First surprise in the morning- my head librarian offers me to try out her highend office chair. (In the recent boss-employee talk, I had told her that I get an achy back from my current chair) So I sit and within half an hour all „ouchies“ are gone. I bring the chair back and and praise it muchly and she says, well, then she will go see what she can find for me. Goodness, I am getting not only a new office chair but also possibly a great one.

On it goes. When checking my emails around midday, I find an announcement by Amazon, that finally the fourth volume of the Green Rider series by Kirsten Britain is going to be published very soon.
Of course I had to pre-order it ASAP! Looks as if I will spend my holiday practising (see below) and reading…

And then, also at midday, I had sent mail to my Tai Chi teacher from some years back, to inquire about a new beginner course starting in March.
Not only does she welcome me back most happily after years of absence, no, I am also invited to skip the beginners and go to an „intermediate“ course instead. And that means that I could theoretically start just today- as is, I am starting next Thursday.
I am so happy I could explode, LOL!! I should have done this years earlier!
Now this means some hard work for the next days, though, LOL!! A lot of stretching exercise will have to be done in order for me to survive next Thursday evening. *snickers at self*