„One goal, one golden glance of what should be – It’s a kind of magic “ (Queen)

„One dream, one soul, one prize
One goal, one golden glance of what should be
It’s a kind of magic “

Ich bin schlecht im Ziele für mein Leben setzen, aber seit 1998 habe ich einen großen Traum, der jetzt verwirklicht wird.
Ich lerne den Umgang mit meiner ersten Waffe im Tai Chi. Damals wußte ich noch nicht, das es Tai Chi wird, aber schon, das ich am liebsten eine Hiebwaffe lernen möchte, zusammen mit Kampfkunst. Das es mit klassischem Fechten eher nichts wird, war klar, wegen meiner Knie, aber das man trotzdem so was Schönes wie die Säbelform lernen kann ist natürlich toll. Es macht Spaß und macht gesund. Wie? Natürlich wird, wie immer beim Tai Chi, der Körper beweglich gemacht und trainiert.
Auch die Handform übe ich natürlich fleissig weiter, denn sie ist mir mindestens genauso wichtig und jetzt fange ich langsam an zu fühlen wenn etwas gut ist und genauso zu fühlen, wenn ich beginne zu entwurzeln, so dass bei jedem Durchgang mehrere Aha-Erlebnisse stattfinden, das ist ein wunderbares Gefühl. Und die Lebendigkeit, die man am Ende der Form fühlt, ist einfach berauschend.

Und plötzlich nehmen einen auch die Fußballer ernst- wir haben heute mit offenen Jalousien geübt und die sind teilweise dreimal vorbei gelaufen um was zu holen, damit sie gucken konnten als wir die Handform geübt haben und als es dann an die Säbel ging, hörte man von draußen sogar ein „Geil! Mit Schwert!“ – ich glaube wir haben uns soeben vom Vorurteil einer Reha-Sportgruppe gelöst. *g*

In diesem Sinne – it’s a kind of magic!
Queen: A Kind Of Magic

English Version:
„One dream, one soul, one prize
One goal, one golden glance of what should be
It’s a kind of magic “

I am bad at setting (and reaching) goals for my life, but I have had one big dream since 1998 and now I am going to fullfill it.
Just began learning the first weapon in Tai Chi. Back then I had no idea that I would learn Tai Chi one day, but I dreamed of learning something with swords and martial arts.
I knew that classical fencing was right out of the window, because of my wonky knees, but I never would have guessed that I would one day be able to learn something so beautiful like the sabre form.
Like all Tai Chi practises it is fun and makes you healthy, because it strengthens your body and makes you soft and agile.
And of course there is no abandoning of the hand form, it is just as important to me. And just now I am beginning to feel when I am „in the flow“ or loose my „roots“ so there is a lot of internal „ohs and ahs“ happening whenever I practise, which is rewarding. Speaking of rewards- that feeling of being alive that you have at the end of the form is compareable to nothing I know…

And suddenly even the soccer players at the sport club take us seriously, LOL!! Today we practised with open window blinds and they went past several times „to fetch things“ while we practised the hand form, pausing to watch. And when we got to the sabres there was even a „Wow! With swords“ from outdoors, LOL!! So now we should be rid of the rehabilitation-sport-group image that we most likely had with a lot of them. *g*

And so – it’s a kind of magic!
Queen: A Kind Of Magic

>Hooray and Aargh!

>Starting with the hooray! *g* Finally, after taking a break around the holdidays, I am back to my little „I wanna loose weight“ programm. After a hard fight (that bloody kilo did not want to leave me) I can finally announce the next noticeable number- good bye kilo 25!

Now on with the „argh“- of course I tried to dig out some memory from my brain about the Tai Chi moves… To my great surprise (and slight horror, LOL!!) my *body* has forgotten nothing, as soon as I start a move halfway correctly, it falls into the correct movement. But my brain is a complete disappointment. I totally forgot what comes where, so to speak, LOL!!
Trying out to recapture what could be remembered I ended up in a hopeless tangle, LOL!! Well, I will be watching Tai Chi vids all weekend (blessed be the interwebz!)…and seek out professional help:
A ringwraith doing a Tai Chi move
© Ailanreanter (I made the drawings and animated this years ago)
A Ringwraith doing a Tai Chi move.

Edited to clarify the picture above.

>Oh boy, what a day!

„Wheeeeeeee“ kinda sums it up!

First surprise in the morning- my head librarian offers me to try out her highend office chair. (In the recent boss-employee talk, I had told her that I get an achy back from my current chair) So I sit and within half an hour all „ouchies“ are gone. I bring the chair back and and praise it muchly and she says, well, then she will go see what she can find for me. Goodness, I am getting not only a new office chair but also possibly a great one.

On it goes. When checking my emails around midday, I find an announcement by Amazon, that finally the fourth volume of the Green Rider series by Kirsten Britain is going to be published very soon.
Of course I had to pre-order it ASAP! Looks as if I will spend my holiday practising (see below) and reading…

And then, also at midday, I had sent mail to my Tai Chi teacher from some years back, to inquire about a new beginner course starting in March.
Not only does she welcome me back most happily after years of absence, no, I am also invited to skip the beginners and go to an „intermediate“ course instead. And that means that I could theoretically start just today- as is, I am starting next Thursday.
I am so happy I could explode, LOL!! I should have done this years earlier!
Now this means some hard work for the next days, though, LOL!! A lot of stretching exercise will have to be done in order for me to survive next Thursday evening. *snickers at self*