>Hooray and Aargh!

>Starting with the hooray! *g* Finally, after taking a break around the holdidays, I am back to my little „I wanna loose weight“ programm. After a hard fight (that bloody kilo did not want to leave me) I can finally announce the next noticeable number- good bye kilo 25!

Now on with the „argh“- of course I tried to dig out some memory from my brain about the Tai Chi moves… To my great surprise (and slight horror, LOL!!) my *body* has forgotten nothing, as soon as I start a move halfway correctly, it falls into the correct movement. But my brain is a complete disappointment. I totally forgot what comes where, so to speak, LOL!!
Trying out to recapture what could be remembered I ended up in a hopeless tangle, LOL!! Well, I will be watching Tai Chi vids all weekend (blessed be the interwebz!)…and seek out professional help:
A ringwraith doing a Tai Chi move
© Ailanreanter (I made the drawings and animated this years ago)
A Ringwraith doing a Tai Chi move.

Edited to clarify the picture above.

>The measure of success

>Now that I have the first number to go brag about with, I post the story of my belt. *g*
Here is my favourite belt and its holes tell the story of how my first serious attempt ever to loose some weight is going- as you can see, well so far:
the measure of success

It took 35 days to get rid of ten kilos, but then I am doing this the healthy way, not with a 0-calorie diet, so to speak. I am aware that this progress might slow down – especially since all those nice gingerbreads and chocolates are lurking ahead, LOL!!

But to keep me determined, and my weaker self at bay, I post this ticker:

not only for all to see here in the post, but also in the sidebar to the left, right there in the journal. This will make me less inclined to fail my own good intentions. *g*
Everybody welcome to nag if there is no progress after a reasonable amount of time, LOL!!
Just notice I have not a fixed schedule, if it goes on that fast, I will be happy, if not, then that’s not bad, as long as it goes on at all…