>Hooray and Aargh!

>Starting with the hooray! *g* Finally, after taking a break around the holdidays, I am back to my little „I wanna loose weight“ programm. After a hard fight (that bloody kilo did not want to leave me) I can finally announce the next noticeable number- good bye kilo 25!

Now on with the „argh“- of course I tried to dig out some memory from my brain about the Tai Chi moves… To my great surprise (and slight horror, LOL!!) my *body* has forgotten nothing, as soon as I start a move halfway correctly, it falls into the correct movement. But my brain is a complete disappointment. I totally forgot what comes where, so to speak, LOL!!
Trying out to recapture what could be remembered I ended up in a hopeless tangle, LOL!! Well, I will be watching Tai Chi vids all weekend (blessed be the interwebz!)…and seek out professional help:
A ringwraith doing a Tai Chi move
© Ailanreanter (I made the drawings and animated this years ago)
A Ringwraith doing a Tai Chi move.

Edited to clarify the picture above.