>Flowers and no end, LOL!!

>My parents had another flowerbox to spare and Dad brought it over when we set out for the home tool supplier. I ended up with a screen-version of a flydoor afterall, as the one I wanted was not available currently. And I will save some room with this version as it works like rollo that is pulled sideways. These are not so easy to install, so I will need Dad for this after all, but at least the thingy is here already.
But the flowerbox! Of course having it here on the kitchen window sill did not give me any peace, LOL!!
So I moved the hortensia to a new place (there is a bit more shelter against the weather):
Blaue Hortensie

And since the empty box looked so empty and it was still not raining, I made a short excursion to Blume 2000 to see if I could find something nice. And so I did!
Bornholm Mageriten

Bornholm Mageriten
Pocket sunshine, LOL!! Bornholm Margeriten.
If they grow too enthusiastically, I can set some into a big pot, too, but so far, they have enough room. And I have a mini garden now. ==^==^==