Kilroy and some happy plants *g*

After reading that my orchids would be used to 12 hours of daylight in their natural habitat and considering that the plants raised here might be content with 10 hours, too, still those rainy winter days must be too short, so to speak.
They do still grow, but very very slow. So I have now decided to borrow them my lamp from my „worktable“, which has a „daylight spectrum“ light in it. It is not a true plant-lamp, but it is better than a simple lightbulb and it sure is more light. If I keep it on from when I get home to when I go to bed, they do get some extra five hours each day. Am now curious if it will show any results. (If so, I might consider to buy them a plant-light)

Of course I am secretly hoping that this will speed on the blossom that I am waiting for on the Phal. Zoro Amato. *looks innocent*

And something to watch- I stumbled across some 80’s favourites on CD lately. „Mr. Roboto“ by Styx is sure one of mine. Here I found an awesome orchestra version of it on youtube: