>Of "music" and plants…

>Dear Europe,

when you vote for this years ESC, please use your *ears* and do not let our entry win again. Lena could not sing last time and she still has not learned to sing on key all the time, this song just conceals it better.
The hype around her is already unbearable and I dare not imagine what happens when you make her win again.
So, Europe, please do your part and vote for someone with a good show AND a good voice!

Thank you.

And the plants! You did not think you would escape from my flower posts this year, now, did you? Hehehe…Here we go again.
One indoor: Monster got her new big pot so that she will stand more stable, too. *waits for explosive growth now*

And outdoors:
I potted the willow tree. In a real pot with venting it will be way more manageable when the weather gets hot.

Then I recycled the basket in which the willowtree came:
tree window
weisse bornholm

My kitchen window always makes me feel spring-y:

Aren’t the little things awesome? I suppose the fertilizer did a lot to achieve this:

Oh, and my bike is on the way to become a local celebrity, LOL!!
People turn to look when I drive by (and no, I was not wearing polkadots or anything) and when I came out of the homeworker store today I found five (!) people around it in a half-circle, admiring it. (Of all ages, too)