Letzten Sonntag haben wir den zweiten Apfel geerntet- er war genauso sauer wie der Erste. *g* Sollte der Baum nächstes year wieder Äpfel haben, dann sollten wir lieber Apfelmus machen.
Last sunday we harvested the second apple- it was juuuust as sour as the first. *g* Should we get more apples next year, they are definitely better for mushed apple or anything where you can apply sugar liberally, LOL!!



Der Apfel

Der aufgeschnittene Apfel

2 thoughts on “Apfelernte

  1. Heheh, when I learned there are appletrees that do not develop a crown of branches, but grow like a stick with leaves, I *had* to try. I am now very proud to have gotten those two apples already in year two.

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