>Germany – Zero Points!

>Aargh!! I just found out that the new song that they play up and down and which I myself had already voted as the „worst thing since Stefanie Heinzman sang the „The Unforgiven“ (Metallica) cover version“ is actually our Grand Prix d’Eurovision entry this year!
And this crap did they need a whole casting show for?! O.O Also, they also said the girl is „unconventional, an „actress“, spontaneous“ etc. … Seeing her music vid, *I* say I see neither.Let’s not mention that her English sounds…weird…in places. Sing, she can’t either- where her voice fails, she just does some kind of „one tone chant“- I didn’t see the shows, but if she wins- how bad was the rest? o.O

Good grief…we should have rather sent Guildo Horn again- like that, we would have scored for weirdness, at least.
Teh German entry:
YouTube video of „Satellite“

And now excuse me while I am embarrased in a corner again, LOL!!

Am feeling old- when you catalogue books and come across recent events- recent, like say, the last twenty years- and have to put them in the „History“ systematic while you think „Heck, I remember this, that can’t have taken place *that* long ago!“, this is weird…

I will get a new computer, whee! Am both curious and dreadful about Windows 7 on it…
And I loooove the „persona“ skins that you can put on Firefox 3.6. – they look mostly awesome! ===^==^=== Finally something to make the browser pretty.

In case you have not seen it yet and need a cheer up after the song above, watch this hilarious „Simon’s Cat“ episode:
Snow Business

I want plants like this for my balcony, they are called „Duft Geranie“ and smell faintly of lemon to the human nose- and are apparently revolting for mosquitos and wasps! Great!! Must try to find some..
„Duft Geranie“