>More "gardening"

>After finding that my magueritas have greenflies, I had to move them both to one windowsill,so that they will not contaminate my other plants until the treatment works. (It has already begun to do so, I saw lots of „dried“ greenflies today when tending to the plants, mwehehe…)
The movement meant I gained some space for the others. I wanted to buy a big lavender today, but I was all over the marketplace and then all flowershops close by- no lavender. At the market was a smallish lavender in tree-form but it looked sick.
At one flowershop I found two nice handmade flowerpots that are frost resistant. One I wanted for my petunia, which hates hanging on the balcony railing and is only thriving since it stood on the ground. For the other, I found a cute little plant. It is called „Gipskraut“ or „Schleierkraut“ („Baby’s Breath“ (Gypsophila paniculata)).
I will keep everything so spacy and far away until I am rid of the little pests…

So now the „tree“-like plants share a window and the small blooming plants stand on the windowsill before my kitchen.
Zuckerhutfichte und Steinheide



The „white petunia“ that is not white anymore:
Weiße Petunie 1
Weiße Petunie 2
Weiße Petunie 3
(after those pictures, I removed some suspicious looking leaves, but this one still seems healthy)

>A special little visitor

>on the balcony this morning.
This little guy, which seems to be a „Distelfalter(Painted Lady or Vanessa cardui):

Click on image for larger version
Image © me

Couldn’t resist this:

marguerite in full bloom

Appologies for the slight striped and grained piccie above, but this was taken through the window *and* a flynet and for that it is very well, I think.
When I got outside to repeat the piccie without obstacles between me and the butterfly, it had already fluttered on.