Frühling auf dem Balkon

Lebt zum Glück doch noch, der Roseneibisch.

Und davon habe ich gerade zwei in den Pflanztrog gesetzt, die werden sich hoffentlich in der Mitte schön wohlfühlen und ordentlich blühen.

Und nun gehts erstmal wieder zum Ausruhen aufs Sofa. Blöde Erkältung…

>And yet another flower post

>…one day I will have bored you all senseless, muahaha. Um, yeah.

‚Cause I can’t stop taking pics of this one:
(Today I went to the market booth where I got it and thanked the seller for having such excellent plants. He was so very happy indeed.)

And the new plants in the flowerbox where the maguerites were- it is either a bad year for those or they simply don’t like me, LOL!!

It contains „Million Bells“ (a subspecies of petunias, often found in „hanging gardens“)

and one „Verbena“:
Both come in many colours.

And then this one wanted to come, too, LOL!! I know, I have complained about these looking like mutant Equisetum (horse tail/ Schachtelhalm) before and now suddenly have one and then it is even not white but rather urple… I know, I know… But sometimes you can fall in love on second glance with flowers, too. ^==^;;;

>Mixed piccies

>One last purr-piccie, computer-works are really tiring! Especially if you have to watch them…*g*
Helena nodds beside the computer desk

That is what a thankful plant looks like!
White Petunia in full bloom

When I got it, looked even less enthusiastic than this:
White Petunia, starting to bloom

>More "gardening"

>After finding that my magueritas have greenflies, I had to move them both to one windowsill,so that they will not contaminate my other plants until the treatment works. (It has already begun to do so, I saw lots of „dried“ greenflies today when tending to the plants, mwehehe…)
The movement meant I gained some space for the others. I wanted to buy a big lavender today, but I was all over the marketplace and then all flowershops close by- no lavender. At the market was a smallish lavender in tree-form but it looked sick.
At one flowershop I found two nice handmade flowerpots that are frost resistant. One I wanted for my petunia, which hates hanging on the balcony railing and is only thriving since it stood on the ground. For the other, I found a cute little plant. It is called „Gipskraut“ or „Schleierkraut“ („Baby’s Breath“ (Gypsophila paniculata)).
I will keep everything so spacy and far away until I am rid of the little pests…

So now the „tree“-like plants share a window and the small blooming plants stand on the windowsill before my kitchen.
Zuckerhutfichte und Steinheide



The „white petunia“ that is not white anymore:
Weiße Petunie 1
Weiße Petunie 2
Weiße Petunie 3
(after those pictures, I removed some suspicious looking leaves, but this one still seems healthy)