Fuzzy Love

Seit fast einem Monat habe ich nun das Glück, wieder Tiere in meinem Leben zu haben. ♥
Pferde und Katze(n), was braucht der Mensch mehr?

Und plötzlich ist das Leben voller Pferde *g*

Im Unterstand
Im Unterstand







English Summary:
And suddenly life is full of animals again, as it should be. What more do you need but horses and a cuddly barn cat? ♥
Seen above are the two retired horses in my care and Lenni the cat that all make my life *so* much better.

>The summer of the cat

>…is sadly gone now. Not only have I returned my „holiday cat“ to her owner Eva, no the neighbours next door with „Pepper“ have moved out, so if you ask me, here’s definitely not enough „catishness“ around.
To change it at least a little, here are some piccies of Helena, which I took:
Am I going to climb that leg or not

Pretending to be a plush-toy:
plushtoy look-a-like 1

plushtoy look-a-like 2

New purry-looking rose-mugs on kitchen windowsill:

Yesterday I did a fat balcony clean up, tearing out weeds and cleaning windows and balustrade, now it is presentable again, so I have a few piccies of that now, too.

Very clean gravel now- normally inhabited by weeds:
very clean corner
(And thanks to the parents for the board to close the space under the spacer, so to speak.)

The Chrysantenums gave up, so I have already wintery plants:
new plants

Sunny autumn splendour on a sunday morning- is there a better place to read a magazine? (Ok, apart from a real garden, that is)
sunday morning


>I have a fuzzy little guest currently.
She is here for 2,5 days now and already rules the place, LOL!! I find myself thinking constantly about how to make it all perfect for her. (But I am not so weak and feeding her whenever she begs, for example, no worries, LOL!! I do have some common sense left)
Meet Helena:



(She sometimes mews in sleep, how cute is that?!)

Oh right, occasionally she is awake, too, LOL!! Here:


>Springify your life!

>(Pardon the word-creation, LOL!!)

Today, I wandered over the local market for fun (and to get flowers for Mum) and was mightily inspired by all the colourful plants on display.
So, when I got home, I woke my balcony from its hibernation, so to speak, removing the greatest parts of protective wrappings from the plants as well as dead leaves and branches.
And then I filled the two baskets with primroses who colour my view outside now.

Like this it looks where they stand now:

All my rustling, moving, crawling, cutting was supervised by qualified personel, namely my neighbours cat, who very seriously watched me to make sure I did everything right: