>The summer of the cat

>…is sadly gone now. Not only have I returned my „holiday cat“ to her owner Eva, no the neighbours next door with „Pepper“ have moved out, so if you ask me, here’s definitely not enough „catishness“ around.
To change it at least a little, here are some piccies of Helena, which I took:
Am I going to climb that leg or not

Pretending to be a plush-toy:
plushtoy look-a-like 1

plushtoy look-a-like 2

New purry-looking rose-mugs on kitchen windowsill:

Yesterday I did a fat balcony clean up, tearing out weeds and cleaning windows and balustrade, now it is presentable again, so I have a few piccies of that now, too.

Very clean gravel now- normally inhabited by weeds:
very clean corner
(And thanks to the parents for the board to close the space under the spacer, so to speak.)

The Chrysantenums gave up, so I have already wintery plants:
new plants

Sunny autumn splendour on a sunday morning- is there a better place to read a magazine? (Ok, apart from a real garden, that is)
sunday morning