Es ist soweit, mein Balkon hat jetzt all die Blumen, die er braucht und es ist Sonnenschirmwetter, hurra!
Blick auf den Balkon mit Blumen und geringeltem Sonnenschirm

Ich konnte mein Windrad reparieren! 🙂 Und die rechte Pflanzschale kam dann heute noch dazu:
Außenfensterbank mit zwei großen Schalen und einem Korb, alle mit Sommerblumen bepflanzt. In der linken Schale steckt man Windrad

Neue Schale mit Petunien und Schneeflocke

In der letzten Woche war es mir ja schon wieder zu warm mit den schwülen 29C, die wir hatten, aber heute, mit leichtem Wind und Sonne bei höchstens 24C fühlt es sich an wie am Meer, perfekt.

Auch wenn es da wo es windstill war, ziemlich warm war… Und dann zur Mittagszeit, da muss man einfach pennen…
Goldi schläft im Stehen

Amor ist es auch viel zu warm und müde ist er außerdem

English Summary:
It is parasol-weather, hooray!
After the much too warm first days of last week, today, everything is just perfect. It is not warmer than 24C, there is a light wind- so it totally feels as if being by the sea, wonderful.
So today was a perfect day to let out the parasol again. Also I have not all the summery plants that this balcony needs, so now I am all set. *g*
You can see the gorgeous bowl of plants that I got today as last addendum to the balcony plantses.
Some thought it still a bit hot today (ok, granted, it was midday, too, so they had all the right being sleepy, LOL!!), though

>Autumn splendour

>Already at work I was enchanted by autumny views (these first three pictures are taken with the camera of my cellphone).
View from my office:
view from office

view from office

But the greatest view has Petra (who has the most beautiful office anyway, LOL!!) who looks into the garden and into this great old tree that is now afire with colour:
view from office

When I was on my way home from work today around midday and saw this:
Beautiful Autumn

I decided to make it home quicklike and get my camera and have a stroll in the Boberger Dünen.
The river Bille:
Beautiful Autumn

Beautiful Autumn
The swans were looking up all the time- the moment I took the piccie, they started to groom themselves, grrrh!

Where does this lead?
Beautiful Autumn

Into the fields where the sky was ever so blue and the air so fresh!
Beautiful Autumn

Beautiful Autumn

Little hidden treasure:
Beautiful Autumn

>The summer of the cat

>…is sadly gone now. Not only have I returned my „holiday cat“ to her owner Eva, no the neighbours next door with „Pepper“ have moved out, so if you ask me, here’s definitely not enough „catishness“ around.
To change it at least a little, here are some piccies of Helena, which I took:
Am I going to climb that leg or not

Pretending to be a plush-toy:
plushtoy look-a-like 1

plushtoy look-a-like 2

New purry-looking rose-mugs on kitchen windowsill:

Yesterday I did a fat balcony clean up, tearing out weeds and cleaning windows and balustrade, now it is presentable again, so I have a few piccies of that now, too.

Very clean gravel now- normally inhabited by weeds:
very clean corner
(And thanks to the parents for the board to close the space under the spacer, so to speak.)

The Chrysantenums gave up, so I have already wintery plants:
new plants

Sunny autumn splendour on a sunday morning- is there a better place to read a magazine? (Ok, apart from a real garden, that is)
sunday morning

>Die Wood Pigeon, die!!

>Arrrgh!! I always hated those wood pigeons because they so bloody loud and tend to sound their uninspired noises under the window of a room I try to sleep in, but today, they took this to a new stage of escalation. *snort*
I had done laundry of bedclothes, because it was warm and sunny and the clothes would be dry in no time like this, when dried outside.
So I sit there in my chair and see this bloody bird land on the roof. It turns around and I am like „No, you wouldn’t!!!“ and make a dive for the laundry rack – but too late, SPLOT! It landed a big hit on one pillow case.
I think in that moment I did a pretty good „Achmed“ impersonation, LOL!!!
I know that it is forbidden to hunt them, but maybe electrifying a rooftop is legal? (kidding *g*)

Apart from that, this is my nice and sunny place, photographed from the inside. When the sun shines, the lavender smells nicely of lavender -duh- and the little firtree smells a tiny bit like a wood on warm days.

A place in the sun