>Die Wood Pigeon, die!!

>Arrrgh!! I always hated those wood pigeons because they so bloody loud and tend to sound their uninspired noises under the window of a room I try to sleep in, but today, they took this to a new stage of escalation. *snort*
I had done laundry of bedclothes, because it was warm and sunny and the clothes would be dry in no time like this, when dried outside.
So I sit there in my chair and see this bloody bird land on the roof. It turns around and I am like „No, you wouldn’t!!!“ and make a dive for the laundry rack – but too late, SPLOT! It landed a big hit on one pillow case.
I think in that moment I did a pretty good „Achmed“ impersonation, LOL!!!
I know that it is forbidden to hunt them, but maybe electrifying a rooftop is legal? (kidding *g*)

Apart from that, this is my nice and sunny place, photographed from the inside. When the sun shines, the lavender smells nicely of lavender -duh- and the little firtree smells a tiny bit like a wood on warm days.

A place in the sun