>I have a fuzzy little guest currently.
She is here for 2,5 days now and already rules the place, LOL!! I find myself thinking constantly about how to make it all perfect for her. (But I am not so weak and feeding her whenever she begs, for example, no worries, LOL!! I do have some common sense left)
Meet Helena:



(She sometimes mews in sleep, how cute is that?!)

Oh right, occasionally she is awake, too, LOL!! Here:


3 thoughts on “>Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrings

  1. >Yep, just a shorttime guest. (Stealing all my sleepz, LOL!!)

    Aww.. what have you done before?
    Shall ask the boss if she knows someone who needs someone and so on…

    Will try the game later, am too sleepy right now. ^-^

  2. >Been @HÖB for a year but my contract won't be renewed ;(
    will do anything for money!

    If you try the game send me a post @morgulz I'll invite you to the guild ^^

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