>Flowers! Serious Summer Warning!

>So today we still have this wonderful warm weather and I woke up early enough for the market, so I set out to get summery plants for the balcony.
When I was done on the market, my bike looked like this:
shopping flowers

All the plants and stuff I bought, making two tours:
all the plants I bought today

The finished balcony, all clean:
finished balcony

Tagetes, why am I suddenly surrounded by so much orange?


One marguerite which did not fit into the middle flowerbox anymore:

The Bornholm Marguerites, tricked into reopening their blossoms fully (they do that only in full sunlight):
bornholm margariten

New hortensia, the other died by drying up from within- I suspect a damaged root.

This one will look like these, when flowering:

To Mum:
My neighbour just got a third flowerbox out there! With more weird Geranien inside…
Her children really must hate me now…