>Time for spring!


Today I unwrapped my plants when I came home- I have decided that now they have to get along without their warm covers.
The lavender did not make it, but it was pretty worn down already anyway. And if I didn’t know better, I would say that the Stone Heather has been growing in winter, LOL!! Really, was that bush so large before already? o.O
spring plants

And well…I blame it on my distress about the situation in Japan, so I wanted to save *something*, too, I guess, and when I found a tree in a discounter supermarket, in a dark corner below the salad…well…
willow tree
One does not see all that much on this quick picture, but it is a small willow tree. I am going to try and cultivate it in a pot when the spring plants around it give up. If it looks very upset, I plan to give it to one of my colleagues with a garden. But actually I do not see why it should not like living in a pot on my balcony…