2. Advent

Ein Eintrag voller Lichter.
In meinem Adventskalender-Päckchen war heute dieses schöne Teelicht mit sehr schönen Ornamenten:
Teelichthalter mit Ornamenten

Teelichte zusammen

Und letzte Woche bekam ich von meiner Kollegin Elisabeth diesen hübschen Lichterbogen geschenkt:

English Version:
A post full of lights.
In my Advent-Calendar I found this pretty tealight today, I love the ornamental surface!
And last week already my colleague Elisabeth gave to me this cute „Lichterbogen“ (I found no translation, if anyone has a name for it in English, please comment).

2 thoughts on “2. Advent

  1. The closest I can come up with for your Lichterbogen is „Light Arch“ although that certainly does not describe these beautiful works of art. I would so love one…or better yet, make one. I need a scroll saw to learn with. Anyway, your’s is adorable. I would swoon to find one of those here.

    Yesterday I came upon a bonanza of German made Christmas ornaments and the such. I was in heaven. One was a box of wooden nutcrackers, soldiers and angels along with two large candle holders made in the GDR (I have a fondness for GDR stuff because my dear sister friend was behind that) and a whole bunch of glass ornaments…all for a bargain.

    1. Thank you for your translation. They are awesome, do you know those where you have a whole image carved or sawed from wood which is then framed by the candles going around it in a half circle? They are also made from iron.
      I really, really hold my thumbs that you will find one! Afterall, you made a really lucky find already, the box you got there is sounding pretty awesome and I am very happy that everything inside has found a new and loving home! 🙂 (I always have soft spot for such things, thinking ornaments like this have once been loved muchly and really deserve to be loved again)

      The arch above is from the GDR, too, because my colleague’s husband originates from there and the arch was obtained in his family, they have made lovely things there.
      I am curious – are amongst the glass ornaments also tree baubles that are soft of „half“? Meaning one side is normally rounded and the other sort of „dented“ in and painted with iridescent colours? Then you’d be very lucky, because they are hard to get. (The ones they make nowadays like this are very loud and tastelessly coloured)
      I will try to find you a link, so you have a better chance to understand what I mean, LOL!!

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