>Pimp my balcony

>Today I finally found a set of table and chairs for my balcony that is not grossly oversized… Balcony is very narrow (90 cm), so big tables won’t fit. But this cute little set did. Here you see it just before the biggest thunderstorm of the last years hit full force (no worries, nothing was harmed, here at least):
balcony set

balcony set

Now the summer can really come, it doesn’t get nicer than this, on that table, I will be able to paint outdoors, even.

>Furniture and plants

>Here’s proof that I successfully wrestled that pile of wood into submission:

One of my Amerias has started to flower! :o)

Exploded little flufftree:

Can you find the little eggs? *siiiigh* I am happy it thrives so much, but honest, just one egg still visible?
willow tree